No More Excuses: Improvements to CSRS Make It Easier to Use

June 1st, 2015

North Carolina Medical Society (5/27/15): To help tackle a growing epidemic of opioid abuse, the state’s Drug Control Unit launched its redesigned Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS) on March 17, 2015. The new web-interface is intended to provide prescribers and pharmacists with more intuitive control of the site. It also provides new convenient features like password reset, profile update, and prescribing history. In addition, the new system provides easy to read reports that include new information like MME (morphine milligram equivalents) conversion and method of payment. An online, 9-minute WebEx training video is available to allow prescribers and pharmacists to become familiar with the new interface. Go to the CSRS training video.

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) encourages physicians and physician assistants and those licensed practitioners who they delegate to use the CSRS to do their part to combat opioid abuse.  The Drug Control Unit is committed to improving the CSRS system to make using it easier and so it is a valuable clinical tool for patient care.

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