The public health issue of our time: prescription drug abuse

August 17th, 2015

The News & Observer (8/3/15)

By: Robert E. Schaaf, M.D., President of the N.C. Medical Society

The prescription drug abuse problem in NC is very serious and Dr. Schaaf refers to it as the “public health issue of our time”. He goes on to explain that physicians and physician assistants have a responsibility to stop the abuse of opioids and one way to do that is to utilize the state’s prescription drug reporting system, the NC CSRS. All physicians, PA’s, NP’s, dentists in the State should be registering to access this database. Even if you do not prescribe opioids you may prescribe benzodiazepines to a patient who is seeing another prescriber for pain and receiving opioids that could have a fatal interaction with the benzodiazepines so this is pertinent and vital information. The CSRS in an invaluable tool and resource for comprehensive patient care. You can now delegate someone in your office to complete the searches for your patients if time is a deterrent to using the system. To learn more about delegates click here and go to Page 4.

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