Health Affairs paper (2016 Vol 35 No.1)

February 4th, 2016

Understanding Patterns in High-Cost Health Care Use Across Different Substance User Groups – Using 2009-2013 NSDUH data, this study looks at all cause hospitalizations and estimated costs associated with 3 different SUD profiles: alcohol, marijuana, other illicit drugs. The study indicates that patients with SUDs of illicit drugs other than marijuana had a 2.2 times higher odds of hospitalizations relative to abstainers. It further found that neither alcohol-specific nor marijuana-specific  SUDs were associated with hospitalization.

The full citation: Jan Gryczynski, Robert P. Schwartz, Kevin E. O’Grady, Lauren Restivo, Shannon G. Mitchell, and Jerome H. Jaffe.
Understanding Patterns Of High-Cost Health Care Use Across Different Substance User Groups. Health Affairs  January 2016 35:12-19.
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