Surgeon General’s Landmark Report on Addiction Released Mid November

November 23rd, 2016

The U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, has released his comprehensive landmark report; Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health. The Office of the Surgeon General and SAMHSA collaborated to develop this report.

Nearly 21 million people in America have a substance use disorder involving alcohol or drugs, an astonishing figure that is comparable to the number of people in our country with diabetes and higher than the total number of Americans suffering from all cancers combined. In spite of the massive scope of this problem, only 1 in 10 people with a substance use disorder receives treatment.

By adopting an evidence-based public health approach, America has the opportunity to take genuinely effective steps to prevent and treat substance-related issues. This approach will help promote much wider adoption of appropriate evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery strategies needed to address the epidemic as a top public health priority.

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