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The North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (NC MHDDSAS) provides further information on the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS)

Register for access online. You may only use this option if you are currently registered with the NC Medical Board, NC Board of Pharmacy, or NC Board of Nursing.

Download application form and mail it in.

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Delegate Accounts: Delegate accounts are up and running. At this time only in-state office staff may apply for access. The application process is all electronic. Directions on applying are simple and can be found in the updated Practitioner’s Training Guide starting on page 4.

Please refer to the following guidelines:

There is no limit on the number of delegates a Delegator may have, however it is strongly recommended that the number of delegates is limited to a number manageable by the Delegator.

Delegates must work under the direction and supervision of the Delegator. It is now open to in-state, non-licensed office staff who work under the direct supervision of the Delegator.

The Delegator is responsible for all delegate activity.

Delegate account access is for only those who do not have prescribing authority and cannot get access to their own account. Physicians, Residents, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists and Pharmacists cannot be a delegate as they have the ability to have their own account.

Download a Brochure designed by the Governor’s Institute on the NC CSRS.

Do’s and Don’ts for Prescribers and Dispensers Using the NC CSRS

More information about Prescription Monitoring Programs in other states:

Virginia  click here or (804) 367-4566

South Carolina  click here or (803) 896-0636

Tennessee  click here or (615) 532-3273

Kentucky   click here or (502) 564-2703

West Virginia  click here or (800) 820-9441

A Project of the Governor's Institute on Alcohol & Substance Abuse and the North Carolina Society of Addiction Medicine.
Funded wholly or in part by the federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Fund (CFDA #93.959) as a project of the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities & Substance Abuse Services.