Overview – Opioid Treatment Program

Opioid Treatment Programs or OTPs: Often referred to simply as “methadone clinics”, have long been a vital resource for those seeking a means to recover from opioid abuse and dependence. Today, with the dramatic increase in the abuse of prescription opioids, the increase in purity and availability of heroin and the alarming increase in accidental opioid overdoses within NC and nationally, these programs are needed more than ever.

OTP Medical Staff: Now, more than ever, it is also critical that physicians and other medical staff working with these programs are well informed and well supported in the vital work that they do. Unfortunately, many physicians, PAs and NPs working in these settings are isolated from other addiction medicine practitioners, stretched thin in terms of time and caught juggling multiple clinical responsibilities.  This website is meant to be a readily available resource for those clinicians: a means of sharing information, problem solving and feeling less isolated.

A Project of the Governor's Institute on Alcohol & Substance Abuse and the North Carolina Society of Addiction Medicine.
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